NeoLife Garlic Alium Complex
NeoLife Garlic Alium Complex

NeoLife Garlic Alium Complex

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  • Garlic Allium complex is very effective as a total body rider of parasites, from the glands, organs and tissues, to the intestine and colon. 
  • it contains Natural antibiotic that fight infections.
  • Garlic Allium complex protects against cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Natural antibiotic that fight infection.
  • Lower level of bad cholesterol.
  • Anti- inflammatory action combat arthritis.
  • Stimulates growth and activity of cells.
  • Prevents onset of cold.
  • Strengthns the immune system - promotes formation of antibodies.
  • Antiseptic- fight against infection.
  • Antibacterial - capable of destroying bacterial micro-organisms.
  • Increase urine flow.
  • Antifugal - fight against fungi such as Candida Albicans.

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