Weird Fun Facts

When was the last time you went on the internet and searched for weird facts? You will be amazed at the results you will get. I went on that journey today and i haven’t been able to stop laughing. In the spirit of love, I decided to share some of my findings with you. Ok…I added a bit of commentary. Weird facts are fun facts, I couldn’t help it. Enjoy!

Men have more blood than women; 1.5 gallons for men vs 0.875 gallons for women: Well Duh! The average amount of blood lost during a period is 30-40 milliliters (ml), with 9 out of 10 women losing less than 80ml. Heavy menstrual bleeding is considered to be 60-80ml or more in each cycle. Let’s see them lose blood every month and still have more blood than women. Until then, I do not agree with this.

Nigeria is one of The Oldest Locations of Human Existence: Archaeological evidence indicates that humans lived in Nigeria as far back as 9000 BC, making it one of the oldest spots on earth for human settlement. The Nok civilization (500 BC – 200 AD) is the oldest known civilization in Nigeria. Somebody call those that have been disrespecting Nigerians. Put some RESPECK on our name (Nigeria).

Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour: Fitfam dem, will you rather have those love handles or a splitting headache? Your choice really. But before attempting to do this at home, may I suggest you come up with a plan to rock those bumps that will be growing on your head. 

In some parts of the world, they protect their babies from diseases by bathing them in beer: This cracked me up like you won’t believe. I immediately pictured the drama that this will cause in so many homes. Let your wife catch you drinking all the beer she’s keeping to bathe the baby with. You will earn proper nagging and stress. If this happened all over the world, Men should better just stick to Whiskey or Vodka and be satisfied.

The attachment of the human skin to muscles is what causes dimples: *side eye* Relax haters! Even if you say dimples are caused by a deficiency, We dimpled few, do not care. We love it and we know you all wished you had dimples. So instead of telling us why we have dimples, just ensure your children have these cute things too. How? #marryadimpledperson. Lol!

Dirty beards harbor the same smelly bacteria that live in smelly armpits: Beard gang!!!!! Human beards that aren’t regularly maintained or groomed create the perfect environment for human lice. Don’t neglect your beard. If you do, it will smell like a sweaty armpit. We love bearded men, we do but don’t repay our love with infections. Love us enough to take proper care of your beards and if maintaining a clean beard starts to feel like hard work, kindly shave off the beard. We will try to love you still without it.

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