Ways to Look Younger than your Age

All those late nights and early mornings can catch up quick, but it’s not too late to reverse time. There are plenty of ways to look more youthful, and some of them only take a few minutes. 
1. Revamp Your Wardrobe

Nothing makes you look younger like tossing out old, unflattering clothes and replacing them with new items that not only make you feel good, but are a little more trendy. Start with the basic pieces you wear every day—like jeans, jackets, and shoes—then start swapping out other basics, like shirts. Pretty soon you’ll have a closet full of new options that will make you look 10 years younger. Visit this link to see wanabuy

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2. Laugh Often

As if you needed another excuse to laugh as much as possible, here it is: Laughing is a great stress reliever. 

3. Wear Fitted Clothing

When you’re shopping for new clothes, don’t just buy any items off the shelf. Really focus on the fit of the items. Go for clothes that hit in all the right places, flattering your shape and bringing attention to the areas you’re most confident about. When you have clothes on that look like they were made for your body, you’ll instantly look younger and more put-together.

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4. Get Rid of Your Grays

If you have gray hair, you’re bound to look older—it’s one of the most obvious signs of aging, after all. Head into the salon regularly to cover up your grays, or own it: You can still look youthful while you’re rocking a head of silver. You just have to have the confidence—and the right hairstyle—to do it.

smile look younger 40

5. Flash a Smile

If you’re a big smiler, keep up the good work: A 2016 study found that happy faces are often seen as younger than those who are sad or frowning. And that’s all the more reason to keep a positive outlook on life and grin through even the most stressful days.

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6. Eat Plenty of Protein

If your hair, skin, and nails are looking dull, it might be because of your protein intake. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating a balanced diet full of healthy fats, grains, lean proteins, fruits, and veggies is key to looking youthful and radiant. When you’re lacking, it will have the opposite effect—especially with your hair, which is mainly made of protein.

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7. Get a Proper Amount of Sleep

Being sleep deprived takes a major toll on your appearance. One study found that poor sleepers had more signs of aging than those who got a proper night of rest. And on top of the premature aging, being sleep deprived also decreases the skin’s ability to recover after being out in the sun. So hit the hay early because those eight hours do more for your body—and looks!—than you think.

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