Women have, no doubt, become very powerful in the corporate world. The era when women were only given a taste of what it was like to be strong and independent in the industry has passed; now women are taking the initiative and making their voices heard in a big way. One of such women is Serwaa Amihere. The news anchor and presenter works with Ghana’s GH One Tv and her story was one of smarts and great work. Starting out as a guest host to friend, Berla Mundi’s show, producers noticed her confidence from a mile away and knew she was a star in the making. Today Serwaa has her own show and she is doing wonders, all with style.

The news world is a dynamic one on its own and Serwaa fits into it perfectly. With an impeccable style, this professional woman always manages to show off her fashion prowess while doing her job. In the corporate world as much as women like to show their strength, making a good impression through the way you dress is very important. Nobody wants to be pitched a business plan by someone who looks scruffy just as much as we don’t want to see a newscaster looking like they just rolled out of their bed.

In the world of business it’s all about perception and so if you want to be perceived correctly you must dress the part.


Here are some interesting style takes we can learn from Serwaa Amihere;



Source: Instagram | @serwaaamihere

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