Stylish Ways To Rock A Belt


With An Oversized Blouse or A Loose Dress


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Wearing oversized pieces have been an age long trend. Wearing them just bland however can be so unflattering to your frame that it leaves little to be desired, and we are sure you do not want that. Draw all the attention you can to your waistline with a belt.

Over A Well-Fitted Gown

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We already know how indispensable a tight fitted dress or a body con is to a woman’s wardrobe. Adding a skinny belt across a well-fitted dress is the perfect way to add an edge while accentuating those curves.

Over a Blazer Or a Jacket

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Wearing a beautiful skinny belt over a blazer, jacket, or suit is the easiest way to add a chic edge to your work-ensemble. A good rule of thumb is to position your belt on the narrowest part of your torso. Belts in darker colours create a slim illusion.

Over A Pair Of High Waisted Pants or Shorts

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Flatter your features; break the transition between your top and those high waisted pants with a sleek belt. Wide belts are generally known to create the illusion of hips or curves.

With An LBD

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A belt most times works best when it stands alone. Inculcate a Colourful Twist to your ‘Little Black Dress’ with belts in eye-popping colours, and beautiful patterns. You may or may decide not to pair your belt with your shoes, matching your belt to your shoe brings an air of organisation to your ensemble, while mismatching them infuses a fun or casual twist to the equation.

Tell us other stylish ways you know to rock a belt.

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