I know how we all love weddings; we want to go there looking dapper, slaying hard and we want to have a taste of the amazing Party Jollof, but here are some things that we need to take note of. We need to learn how to be proper wedding guests, making the couple feel fulfilled in there big day.

  1. Always go to a wedding with a gift

People always just seem to forget that they should take a gift along for the bride and groom as a sigh of well wish. If everyone went to a wedding with the mindset that a lot of people would come with gifts so they don’t need to, then the couple would not  get a single gift. Imagine how sad that would make the beautiful bride. Its common courtesy, really, so make sure you go with gifts to any weddings you attend in future.

  1. Let’s talk about your dressing

I know you want to slay. You want to outshine other guests, but rein it down a bit. It’s okay to look good, over-dress even but don’t look odd. Don’t go looking like a Dracula with your make-up bright enough to cast rays on your neighbor’s face. Don’t let your “color blocking” turn to “color riot”. Absolutely do not pull an “Ebuka” on the bride and groom. Lol.

  1. Were you invited????

This is a question that a lot of people need to answer. You can’t just hear from someone that Funke and Tunde are getting married and you just dress up and show your face there. What if they have a guest list and Bouncers? Do you really want to embarrass yourself like that? A golden rule of the Society of Party Lovers is “Thou shall not do Mogbo Moya”.

  1. Item 7!

Nigerians feel like it’s their birth right to eat at a wedding. IT IS NOT YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. Let’s remedy this situation. It’s good to eat before you leave home, so you don’t get to the party and start hustling or fighting for food. 

And when eventually they do serve you food, please don’t stuff your face. Eat like you would in your home and mind your table manners, you don’t want to make other guests uncomfortable.

  1. Party time!!!!

This is a simple rule; Party hard but don’t cause a scene. Don’t overdo it. Cameras will be there to catch your embarrassing moments.


These being said, this weekend, when you hear the beat drop at the party, lose your home Training and have FUN

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  • Yinusa Bala on

    I love it… Well done Wanabuy

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