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Rock your vote (and rock a cute look while you’re at it!)

Whether you’ve been glued to your newsfeeds keeping up with this crazy election or if you’re just ready for the thing to be over, Election Day is finally here! This Saturday is  the day to go out and make your voice heard – and there’s no reason you can’t rock an awesome look at the polls!

Of course, voting is about so much more than making a fashion statement – it’s about being an informed and active citizen in your country, state, and locality; it’s about exercising the rights that generations of Americans have fought to give you and preserve for you; it’s about making your voice and opinion heard.

You’ll want something that’s cute and comfy with a little polish. A graphic t-shirt is a casual way to show your election day spirit that still looks polished ( not necessarily depicting who you are voting for), Fun, fashion-y touches like a pair of jeans or if you like being extra,  ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of slip-on sneakers from our collection. keep this look from being too buttoned up, and won’t leave your feet sore if you have long lines at your polling place. Finish the look with a pair of sunglasses from our collection and also a face cap or a bolar hat, depending on your preference.  



With days to Nigeria’s General Election, it is important that we observe these security measures and safety tips.


While they may seem common, these measures are important that we remember and especially during this period.





Before the Election Day


Locate your polling stations in advance

Familiarize yourself with the voting schedule

Keep a close tab on politics events with possible security implications around your area

Always go back home on time

Avoid mobs and arguments in public places

Don’t criticize any politician. Keep your opinion to yourself


During the Election Day……


Ensure you carry your pvc before departing your home

Arrive at your polling ward early due to movement restrictions

Do not carry children to the polling centres

Try not to wear campaign garments

Do not reveal who you will vote for

Cast your vote and go straight home

Do not condemn any politician



On news and information……


Listen/watch news & read papers

Subscribe to local security groups

Be active in neighbourhood watch

Do not engage in social media war


After the election…..


Celebrate in a civilized way

Concede peacefully

Do not spread hate speech

Do not incite others

Do not partake in violence



Other health tips…


Ensure to drink enough water

Don’t stay too long under the sun

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