Often times, new shoes come with a lot of complaints. It’s too big, it’s too small, it’s too tight, it’s not comfortable, it’s not well balanced, it’s too high, the material is stiff etc. All these problems can be avoided if a little more attention is paid to the factors that should prompt the decision to purchase the shoe or not.

  1. The first thing that should be put into consideration is the activity that will be engaged in while wearing the shoe. You don’t want to wear high heels to the beach or sneakers to dinner. Neither do you want to wear dress shoes when you should have sandals on.
  2. Consider the material of the sole of the shoe. You don’t want to buy shoes with hard soles that would make you uncomfortable all day or soft soles that will make you feel like you’re about to slip.
  3. Consider the height of your shoe carefully. While trying to look classy in 6 inched shoes, also try to be comfortable in 4 inched pumps.
  4. Always go for shoes in the size of your bigger foot
  5. Check the flexibility of the sole. An insufficiently flexible sole will prevent the foot joints from moving normally. This may result in rapid fatigue and more serious medical issues.
  6. Do not buy smaller sizes of shoes, hoping that the shoe will expand as time goes on. You will end up being in avoidable pain.
  7. When buying high heels, it is important to make sure that your foot does not slide along the block. With time, the shoe will wear in and your feet will slide further forward, this can cause heel breakage and lead to accidents.
  8. When buying suede shoes, remember that they wear in quickly, so buy shoes that fit perfectly (tightly).
  9. Keep your health in mind. If you had a certain medical condition that can be worsened by your choice of footwear, you need to always be cautious of it. Your health takes priority over fashion.

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