6 Etiquette Tips That Will Make People Like You Better

  1. Mind Your Manners

“Please” and “Thank you”, though they seem like little words, weight a lot. They give your statements a touch of politeness. It’s these little things that count, and that’s definitely the case with Please and Thank you. Please don’t forget to say these kind words, are people may perceive you as rude and inappropriate.

  1. First Impressions

No pressure, but when it comes to meeting new people, first impressions really are everything. There are certain times in your life when that thing you wants depends on making a good first impression. For example, a job interview, a date, meeting yours spouse's parents, corporate party. Employing the proper etiquette of meeting a person helps you to start off on the right foot. You should stand up straight and shake a person’s hand (gently but firmly) when introducing yourself, have a beautiful smile on your face. It helps to repeat their name so the person sees that you're paying attention and so you won’t forget it. 

  1. Dress to Impress

Dress to impress and you’ll catch the attention and interest of any person with eyes. Dressing appropriately for the occasion is rule number one. If you have any doubt about your looks, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Imagine wearing ripped jeans when you should have worn a dress? Oh, the horror. Do well to step it up a notch, make sure your clothes are clean with no stains and are ironed to perfection.

  1. Phone Be Gone

I know you’re so interested in your new phone and the so many things that are happening on social media, but listen up. You can literally not be a good conversation partner or an active listener if you’re constantly engrossed with your phone. The ideal thing to do when you’re having a conversation with someone is to put down your phone and look at them. Have we forgotten how to do this? When on a date, you should be looking at the person in front of you, not your Instagram feed. Social media will always be there, unlike those actual precious moments of real life interactions.

  1. Language

Everyone I loves a good cuss or two, but it doesn’t mean that you go about uttering them as a part of your daily vocabulary. I’m sure your Grandma or your Pastor won’t be too impressed on hearing those words. Make sure you’ve got the right audience for the language you use. It’s okay to have a potty mouth; just make sure you’re in the correct bathroom.

  1. Be Helpful

Learn to be a helping hand. Offering your help to someone whether it’s demanded or not will make you the ultimate classy lady/man. If you’re invited to dinner in a home, always ask if they need extra help and offer to help when it’s time to clean up. If you have a friend who is going through a rough time or sounds overwhelmed, a helping hand is just what they need. When you offer to help, you take some weight off the person’s shoulders.


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