12 Nigerian Foods you must eat!

Jollof rice:


King of all Nigerian foods, giver of serious life and the reason rice was even made. It goes with anything you have at home. Is it fish? Works. Is it boiled egg? Plantain? Jollof rice is such a good food it makes other meals want to be it.

Let’s be clear. By Jollof rice, we mean Nigerian Jollof. Any other kind of Jollof is a wannabe.

Pounded Yam:


No we didn’t say poundo yam. We said pounded yam. The more your back aches after your pound it, the sweeter it will be. Or you know, buy a yam pounder. But pounded yam must be eaten with egusi. Yes, compulsorily.

Amala, Ewedu & Gbegiri:

amala-ewedu-and-gbegiri food

When you want to have this mean, please for the sake of all that is sweet, eat it at a buka. Or go to Ibadan. And most importantly, use your fingers. This meal will show you why Ibadan people are always laughing.

Akpu with Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu):


The irony in the name is deep because this soup is sweet! And it’s so beautiful to look at with all the protein obstacles in it…

Ila Alasepo:

ila-alasepo food

Ila Alasepo is the queen of draw soups, and it will totally knock you out when eaten with eba. So, consumption is best followed by a nap – mostly till the next day.

Pap Akara:


When you have hot pap and freshly fried Akara on a Saturday, your whole life takes on a new meaning; you begin to make new discoveries. Legend has it that Isaac Newton enjoyed this delicacy right before he discovered gravity. #TrueStory

PS: Put milk in your pap for maximum effect

Edikang Ikong:


A concoction of juicy green vegetables, native spices, meat and dried fish. This soup is very versatile and it can be eaten with literally anything. When served hot, it’s a party in your mouth. Pro tip: get a friend from Calabar to cook it for you – there’s nothing like it.

Ewa Aganyin and Agege bread:

ewa-aganyi-and-aggege-bread Rare picture of happiness:

We have often maintained that Agege Bread and Ewa Agonyin are pillars of the Nigerian culture and we would totally be fine if they were added to our coat of arms. You would agree to if you have ever eaten it before.



Listen, “cow foot” may not sound like a delicacy, but you’ll just have to take our word for it. Perfect for evening chills with cold drinks, you can see why Pete Edochie spits out wisdom. It’s the Nkwobi that does it.

Catfish/Goatmeat pepper soup:


If you believe in using the whole of the animal when it comes to meat or fish, this is the dish for you – every single cut of fish or meat finds its way into pepper soup. We swear by catfish pepper soup as thegreatest soup, but some people also think goat meat makes the best version for the food.  Anyone, just have cold water near you when you’re eating.

Fufu & Afang Soup: Edikang Ikong may be the main chic of all native soups, but Afang is that side chic that is too amazing to be ignored.

Have it with fufu or eba and your day is made!

Ofada Rice:


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