WEDDING TIPS Wedding Tuxedo for Groom: Things to Consider When Getting One

Unlike the wedding gown, the tuxedo is a great buy for men as it is useful for a myriad of other future functions. Therefore, the money spent on getting a good quality wedding tuxedo for the groom is more than just another wedding cost, but an investment in the groom’s overall wardrobe.

While a good three-piece suit is OK for official and office functions, a tux is the better fit for your wedding. And while identifying the differences between a tux and a suit (a good suit) might be tricky, there are surely some major differences.

A tuxedo is satin-lined. It has satin-lined lapels, pockets, and pocket squares; even the buttons are satin-covered, unlike the plastic or native buttons used on suits.

So, why a wedding tuxedo for the groom, and not a suit?

Well, this is your wedding day, and it should be all about you. You shouldn’t dress as if the day is like another day in the office, where you close business deals or do other clerical work.  The day is special, and you need dress out in a way that complements your bride.

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Now that you see that tuxedo is the best for a groom, here are some things to consider when getting one.

Wedding Tuxedo for Groom
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 Wedding Tuxedo for Groom: Things to Consider When Getting One

  • Uniqueness: Considering that weddings are opportunities for guys to get tuxed up, it would be quite likely that your groomsmen would be looking all dapper and fine in their own respective tuxedos. You need to look uniquely different from them; this can be done by wearing a different colour or using a bowtie (instead of a long tie).

Also, either you or the groomsmen can wear a vest. You could also get your groomsmen to lose their jackets and go on vests only. Since, traditionally, a bowtie or cummerbund is worn with a wedding tuxedo, you could then decide on the different colours of bowtie or cummerbund. Or you go on a bowtie while they go cummerbund.

  • Fit: The fitness and smartness of a wedding tuxedo for a groom are a function of the material used and tailoring skills. A very expensive but ill-fitting tuxedo is worth far less than a cheap 3-piece suit with an awesome fit. Your tux fitting is just as important as your bride’s gown fitting, and must thus be treated with the same level of seriousness.
  • To buy/rent or sew: Although a lot of people go for rentals, it’s actually a very good idea to own a tux for future purposes. Tuxedos are always in vogue for any dressy occasions that aren’t extremely official, and having one or two at-the-ready is a saving grace for impromptu situations.
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The classic tuxedo colours, of course, are black, charcoal grey, navy, cobalt blue, white and gray.

Most of these colours can work for any dress-up, black-tie events you might have to attend.

Sewing a tuxedo could be cost effective, and depending on the tailor’s expertise, you get to pick your own quality materials and have the tux tailored to your body size. But you would not want to venture into tailored tuxedos if your tailor is too expensive or has no idea how to sew a tux.

  • Quality: Do not go cheap on your tuxedo. This attire represents class, carriage, and taste. Going for a cheap, tawdry wedding tuxedo might leave you looking like one of the waiters or chauffeurs at the event venue. Spend some good money and get a designer tux, good quality with perfect finishing and made from premium quality wool and other materials.
  • Tuxedo care: After trying out a tux, if there are some adjustments to be made, give it to professionals to do the adjustment; also the cleaning and getting it ready for your big day should be done by them. And after subsequent use, if you are getting your own tux, make sure it is always professionally cleaned.

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