Thousands and thousands and thousands of shoes out there in different materials, some made with different fabrics. Varying in styles, heel height and shoe size. Shoes we have accepted are a woman’s best friend and like any other accessory, they have a lifespan. It obviously can’t last forever, but it can last longer. Whichever your favorite, we have a special gift for you to help your shoes have a second.., or third chance in life.

Keep reading and see the 10 hacks for making your shoes look younger and last longer.

Store In a Dry Place.

Avoid stale arir, dust and humidity. All these and shoes don’t go hand in hand. Store in a cool, dry place and you would wear those shoes till you’re old and grey.

Please don’t use a washing machine

NO NO NO NO and NO! Come on!! Washing machines are meant for clothes and fabric NOT shoes or bags.

Keep them in Dust Bags or Bag bags

If you lack cool air and have a lot of humidity, like Nigeria. Use package bags and bag bags to keep the dust and wags off your shoes.

Avoid the rain in Suede

Its like stains and cashmere.., Its NOT allowed. Water and Suede do not go hand in hand.., they hate each other and can never be friends.

Have more than 1 set of Heel Caps

To avoid the early demise of your shoes. Buy and extra heel cap.

Use a wooden shoe tree.

To keep the shape of your shoes intact, A wooden shoe tree is very useful.

Polish and air dry all Leather Shoes

A little shine never hurts anyone. Take care of those leather shoes and give them a polished shine whenever; keep your shoes looking GORGEOUS as ever.

Condition each shoe and space them all out

There’s no rain with suede, no rain with patent. sun with leather but no snow with patent. Condition each shoe for the weather and try to space out the times you wear each before they are ruined buy having  been worn too much.

Quality Before Quantity

Quality always beats quantity, saves money, saves time and saves your feet and reputation.

Wash soles with soap and water when done for the Day and use a professional should in case it breaks.

You can easily clean or wash wih mid soap and water.., but if you’re not a certified cobbler.., don’t do it!!

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